Matthew: All right, guys. Are you all ready to do the Ice Bucket Challenge?

Leo: No.

Nicholas: Deal with it.

Matthew: Muahahahahaha.

Leo: I hate your whole family.

Matthew: Let's just start recording anyways.

Nicholas: Are you sure we couldn't find a better cameraman?

Kaitlyn: What?

Matthew: You're fired.

15 minutes later

Matthew: That's better.

Julian: 3, 2, 1, potatoaction.

Matthew: Helloooooo everyone! I'm Matthew, and this is my brother Nicholas and the guy I hate so much it's friendly, Leo.

Leo: Huh?

Nicholas: Nothing. And today we're going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Leo: Wait a minute. Why is there a humongous bucket of ice over there?

Matthew: You'll find out soon enough.

Julian: Yeah, mind your own business, fish. Wait, this is your iPhone 6. Why are we filming with an iPhone?

Matthew: Because iPhone videos are all the rage on the internet.

Nicholas: And who cares what camera you use?

Julian: Good point.

Matthew: (pours the bucket of ice over his head) SOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLD! Welp, I'm done. (walks over to the huge bucket)

Leo: I'm not liking where this is going.

Julian: Nicholas's turn.


Leo: I don't have a good feeling about this. Oh well, my turn. (pours his bucket over his head)

Matthew: MUAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (pours the giant bucket on Leo)


Julian: Ha ha, fish. We all lured you into this.

Leo: I hate you all.

Matthew: I hate you more.

Julian: Now stop being a fish.

Henry: You're still not ambidextrous. (runs off)

Matthew: Welp, that was random.

Julian: Why the fish are we doing the Ice Bucket Challenge in the winter?

Matthew: Because bananas. Doing it in the summer is stupid.

Nicholas: (unfaints) And what if the ice melts?

Julian: .......... Sorry, I was eating a bagel with pizza dough sauce.

Matthew: Oooooooooo... kay????????????? Why were there so many elipses before you said that?

Julian: ................................ I don't know what you mean.

Matthew: Okay then.

Julian: ......................................................................... And Nicholas, if you're wondering why I called myself a potato, well, you don't know the 7th grade.

Nicholas: Okay then.

Matthew: I've been called a potato as well. Thanks to my name in Spanish.

Julian: The Adventures of Potato and Potato!

Tate: Heyyy! That's plagiarism! (crosses the street)

Julian: What the potato?

Matthew: Your face is plagiarism.

Julian: Right. 2+2=4PLAGIARISM.

Matthew: That's 4 times P times L times A squared--

Nicholas: Blahblahblahblah. Who cares?

Matthew: All of Mathcounts.

Leo: I'm going to get some tea.

Matthew: Have fun. The tea is made from fire.

Julian: Muahahahaaaaaa.


Julian: Potato.

Matthew: Banana.

Julian: No, it's potato.

Matthew: Oh, right.

Leo: (unfaints) BLAST OFF! (goes to the moon) Zee ya, zuckerz.

Julian: ...........

Matthew: That was weird.

Julian: Oh well.

Ben K: What is?

Julian: Your hair.

Matthew: Which is still a fire hazard.

Ben K: Hehehehe. (eats a DVD)

Julian: How's that DVD taste?

Ben K: Pretty good. I think it's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Matthew: Great.

Julian: I'm your 27th cousin 11 times removed.

Matthew: Okay.

Julian: Or is it 127th cousin 1046 times removed?

Ben K: I think it's something like seventh cousin eight times removed.

Nicholas: Okay then.

Matthew: No, that's Zach.

Zach: Hello everyone.

Julian: Zach C?

Matthew: Yeah. He lives across the street from my first cousins.

Zach: Why is your driveway covered in ice?

Matthew: Why do you think?

Zach: Um, polar bears wanted to share their cooking skills with the world?

Matthew: No, not even close. We did the ice bucket challenge.

Zach: Ohhhh. Welp, I'm not doing it.

Julian: Here, take the camera. It's my turn.

Matthew: We already poured the ice out of the buckets.

Julian: No you didn't. (snaps his fingers and the bucket in front of him is full)

Zach: 3, 2, 1, action.

Julian: Good morning everyone. Today I'm going to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. My goof friend Matthew--

Matthew: Goof?

Julian: I meant good, not goof. Typo. Anyways, Matthew here is going to pour the ice onto me from his roof.

Matthew: (goes into his room, pushes the bunk beds over, and climbs onto the roof) Okay Julian, I'm here.

Julian: You don't have the bucket.

Matthew: The what now? D'OHHHHHHHHHH.

Julian: Come back down.

Matthew: (jumps down from the roof to the driveway and lands on his feet) I'll take that. (takes Julian's bucket back to the roof) Okay, I'm ready now.

Julian: Can you make me a sandwich?

Matthew: AAAAAAAA! You know how hard it is to get up here?

Julian: Just kidding.

Matthew: Youuuuuuuuuu. Anyways, just tell me when you're ready.

Julian: Alrighty. (does the Julian Dance for 15 minutes) Okay, I'm ready now.

Matthew: (pours the ice bucket down towards Julian) Oops, I broke the bucket.

Julian: No probl--AAAAAAAAAH! So cold!

Zach: Um, Julian?

Julian: Yeah?

Zach: Are you all right?

Julian: Of course.

Zach: Good.

Matthew: (jumps down and falls on Nicholas)

Nicholas: Ow.

Matthew: Woops, sorry.

Leo: (comes back to earth) Hello fishes.

Zach: Good morning.


Julian: Welp, you don't know Matthew's dad.

Matthew: You got that right. Whenever he's talking to our neighbor or my piano teacher's husband, he says, "Good morning sir."

Leo: I hate you soooooooo muuuuuuuch.

Matthew: I hate you sooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuuuch moooooooooooooore.

Leo: Erp.

Matthew: (snaps his fingers) I HAVE A BASKETBALL! (runs around the block with a basketball)

Elias: Hello, Matthew.

Matthew: Oh, great.

Elias: I will get that ball from you.

Matthew: No you won't.... Leo's right behind me, isn't he?

Elias: Yep.

Matthew: GOTTA GO!


Elias: I think he's heading towards the school.

Leo: But why?

Elias: It's winter break.

Leo: Welp, it's our obligation to follow him 25/7.

Elias: 25?

Later in the school gym

Matthew: I think I lost them.

Elias: Nope.

Leo: Hehehehe. This should be fun.

Matthew: Yep. (runs 17 laps around the gym dribbling the basketball with Leo and Elias on his tail the whole time) You were saying?

Leo: (faints)

Matthew: (throws the basketball at Leo's face) Hahahahahahahaa.

Leo: Ow.

Matthew: I am the doctor. I prescribe being punched in the face twice a day.

Elias: (steals the ball) Success.

Matthew: Erp. (runs after Elias and grabs the rebound) LALALALALAAAAAA. (runs home)

Julian: Hi, Matthew. While you were gone, I ran to get a thousand sandwiches for free.

Matthew: How?

Julian: I did the Julian Dance until they gave up the sandwiches.

Matthew: Wow.

Julian: JULIAN DAAAAAAAANCE! (does the Julian Dance for 10 minutes)

Owen: Matt and I came up with a dance on the spot in Mathcounts. (runs to the moon)

Matthew: What the potato?

Julian: How do you run to the moon? And what's Owen thinking going to space without a spacesuit?


Matthew: Great.

Zach: .....................................................................Pizza dough sauce bagels are yummy.

Julian: Yep.

Matthew: Schmulian.

Elias: Found you.

Matthew: (eats Elias's Mets shirt)


Matthew: I have the key to everything. (takes out his giant keychain)

Elias: Ohhhh. I'm feeding the monster.

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