2 is 1's overrated, goody two shoes brother, like Roger Doofenshmirtz. 1 hates the fact that no one usually is born with one eye, no one has one arm, one leg, one ear, one foot, one hand etc and no one talks about couples who are one person and everyone likes snack cakes that come in pairs, and sandwiches always have two pieces of bread and even the words too and to are inspired by his brother. 1 ESPECIALLY hates the song One by some dude named Harry Nilsson.

Popularity on Facebook and TwitterEdit


If you go on Facebook 2 will find you. No way around it. Muahaha

2 has 1,364,264,892,032,792,753,026,373,827,259,104,273,817,152,921,738,823,281,698,173 Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Most of those are underrated numbers, but the number 1 is 2's only non-friend/follower. In fact, 1's only friend is Bowser!

1 met Bowser at the founding of Facebook. Bowser was so jealous of number 2, that he befriended number 1 instead.

2's best friend is Mario. They also met at the Facebook founding. Mario realized that Number 2 was the normal dude, because Number 3 has 3 eyes, 3 ears (one on his forehead), 3 nostrils, 3 arms, 3 elbows, 3 legs, 3 knees, 3 feet, and he doesn't wear pairs of shoes. He buys 2 identical pairs from the store then throws one shoe away. Mario stuck with Number 2 when he realized he doesn't waste shoes but does waste other classified things.

The numberEdit

The real number is a very boring part of math. It is the answer to one plus one. BORING! But never underestimate the number. It is very important. 2222222222222222222222222222222222222


2 again