Bowser (also known as Dominic by like four people) is an evil, insane guy who always traps Peach. He tries to take over her castle, but Mario always beats him and saves the insane princess. Surprisingly, he hasn't given up after like 30 years of kidnapping all sorts of princesses, Peach, the Spirixie Princesses, and Peach again for good measure.
He has eight kids, Bowser Jr. and the seven Koopalings, except not? Are the Koopalings his kids? WHO KNOWS?


  • Kidnapped nine princesses (Peach, Daisy, Spirixies) over 30 years
  • Terrorized players in Mario Party 10
  • Professional sports player (baseball, golf, tennis, soccer)
  • Holds world record for longest time surviving in a castle with a floor of lava with sweet platforming skills



Possibly Dominic's wife.

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