A red koopa paratroopa named Billy Bob Flowers. His parents were hippies!

Koopa Troopa 3D Land

A green koopa named Jim. Hope Mario doesn't hurt him, he has a wife and kids!

Koopa Troopas
are magical turtle-like thingies that are in the Mario games. They are related to Poopa Scoopas, but they don't really like to talk about it. There are also Koopa Paratroopas that can fly.


Koopa Troopas have medium-sized, black eyes, and may have green or red shells. Paratroopas have two wings and ten feathers on each wing. However, there are differences between Red Koopas and Green Koopas.

Differences between red and greenEdit

Green Koopa Troopas are more common then Red Koopa Troopas on ground courses in the game. They always walk in the same direction if there is a cliff, then they fall off and die, unless the ground is there. If they fall down a pit, you do not have to worry about it until you play again.

Red Koopas, however, are slightly smarter. They do not fall down cliffs, so only you can defeat them. Jump on them or throw a fireball.

How to defeatEdit

To defeat Koopa Troopas, all you have to do is jump on then and kick their shells off of cliffs. Then, you will not need to worry about them.

That's good.Edit

Well, Koopa Troopas know that Mario is dangerous. So, they don't compete in the Olympics.