Lalaloopsy is a doll line and television series on Nick Jr. There are 52 full size dolls, 17 Littles, 16 soft dolls, 14 Silly Hair dolls, and 120 different mini dolls.

The LalaloopsiesEdit

  • Ace Fender Bender

Alice in Lalaloopsyland

April Sunsplash

Bailey Sticks 'n' Straw

  • Bea Spells-a-Lot

Berry Jars 'N Jam

Blanket Featherbed

Blossom Flowerpot

Bubbles Smack 'N' Pop

Bun Bun Sticky Icing

Bundles Snuggle Stuff

Cake Dunk 'N' Crumble

Candy Broomsticks

Charlotte Charades

Cherry Crisp Crust

Choco Whirl Swirl

Cinder Slippers

Cloud E. Sky

Confetti Carnivale

Coral Sea Shells

Cotton Hoppalong

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Curls N Locks

Dollop Light 'N' Fluffy

Dot Starlight

  • Dotty Gale Winds

Dyna Might

Ember Flicker Flame

Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze

Feather Tell-a-Tale

Forest Evergreen

Haley Galaxy

Harmony B. Sharp

Holly Sleighbells

Ivory Ice Crystals

Jelly Wiggle Jiggle

Jewel Sparkles

Kat Jungle Roar

  • Kitty B. Brave

Lady Stillwaiting

Little Bah Peep

Lucky Lil' Bug

Mango Tiki Wiki

Marina Anchors

Matey Anchors

Mint E. Stripes

Misty Mysterious

Mittens Fluff 'N' Stuff

Patch Treasurechest

Peanut Big Top

Pepper Pots 'n' Pans

Peppy Pom Poms

Petal Flowerpot

Pete R. Canfly

  • Pickles B.L.T.

Pillow Featherbed

Pita Mirage

Pix E. Flutters

Prairie Dusty Trails

Prince Handsome

Red Fiery Flame

Rosy Bumps 'N' Bruises

Sahara Mirage

Sand E. Starfish

Sir Battlescarred

Scarlet Riding Hood

Scoops Waffle Cone

Scraps Stitched 'N' Sewn

Scribbles Splash

Sherri Charades

Snowy Fairest

Specs Reads-a-Lot

Spot Splatter Splash

Sprinkle Spice Cookie

Sprouts Sunshine

Squirt Lil Top

Stumbles Bumps 'N' Bruises

Sugar Fruit Drops

Sunny Side Up

Suzette La Sweet

Swirly Figure Eight

Teddy Honey Pots

Tippy Tumblelina

  • Tinny Ticker
  • Toasty Sweet Fluff

Toffee Cocoa Cuddles

Tricky Mysterious

Trinket Sparkles

Trouble Dusty Trails

Tuffet Miss Muffet

Twist E. Twirls

Twinkle N. Flutters

Wacky Hatter

Whiskers Lion's Roar

Lalaloopsy: The SeriesEdit

Lalaloopsy: The Series is a real and stupid television show on Nick Jr that tells about the Lalaloopsy dolls' many adventures. It is the most stupid TV show in the history of Nick Jr. Like Sofia the First, it started with a movie called Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land: The Search for Pillow


1. "Batter Up!" Berry Jars 'n' Jam wants to break the record for the tallest stack of pancakes.

2. "Princess Parade" Jewel Sparkles plans a parade to show off her tiara collection.

3. "Dot's Moon Mission" Dot Starlight's spaceship breaks on a trip to the moon so the Lalaloopsies turn Lalaloopsy Land into an artificial moon.

4. "Spot-itis" Rosy Bumps 'n' Bruises sees everyone in Lalaloopsy Land with paint all over them, so she thinks that they have a disease.

5. "The Big Sheep Sleep" Pillow Featherbed wants to count Little Bah Peep's sheep...until they run amok.

6. "March of the April Fools" Peanut Big Top wants to prank everyone in Lalaloopsy Land.

7. "Saved By the Gift" Spot Splatter Splash gives Jewel Sparkles a gray sculpture that she does not like.

8. "In A Jam" A cold front moves in to Lalaloopsy Land.

9. "Flight Plan" Pix E. Flutters wants to get over her fear of heights.

10. "Pickles Delivers" Pickled BLT sprains her ankle and cannot think of a way to deliver burgers to the air show.

11. "Tower Of Treasure" Marina Anchors cleans up Patch Treasurechest's messy house, much to his dismay.

12. "A Tree Grows in Lalaloopsy Land" Blossom Flowerpot makes "trees" with marshmallows, crayons, and snowmen growing on them.

13. "Ace in the Hole" Ace Fender Bender breaks Tippy Tumblelina's record player.

14. "A Hobby for Bea" Bea Spells-a-Lot tries out different hobbies.

15. "Dyna-mic Duo" Dyna Might wants a sidekick, but nobody in Lalaloopsy Land will cut it.

16. "A Little Goes A Long Way" Jewel Sparkles is forced to perform the difficult task of babysitting.

17. "Rosy's Day Off" Rosy Bumps 'n' Bruises' patients let her take a relaxing day off.

18. "Sleepless in Lalaloopsy Land" Pillow Featherbed wants to know why her little sister Blanket is sleepwalking.

19. "Don't Fence Me In" Spot Splatter Splash tries to paint Sunny Side Up's fence but fails miserably.

Lalaloopsy: Sew Cute AdventuresEdit

Lalaloopsy: Sew Cute Adventures is a made-up Lalaloopsy TV show that was invented way before Lalaloopsy: The Series.

Episode list: click here

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