Luigi is Mario's younger, taller brother. He can jump higher than Mario, but he slips around more. Gosh darn it, he probably put ice all over the world when he plays. Or maybe there's soap on his shoes. WHO KNOWS?

He's the more cowardly of the brothers, and also severely underrated.

He used to live in BrooklynEdit

However he's Italian! How could this be? Here are some theories.

  • Luigi went to a party as a baby, where he saw a cannibal. The cannibal ate him, he went on a trip to Italy, and the cannibal pooped Luigi out in some random toilet in Venice. Or was it Rome? We don't know.
  • Luigi's father, Mario Sr. was testing out a machine when they were six, and they got transported to Italy.
  • There's a Brooklyn in Italy, and the Mushroom Kingdom is nearby.
  • It's all a lie! He never lived in Brooklyn. But wait just a darn minute... The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! is set in Brooklyn, so that dumb theory is out of the question...


Video gamesEdit

Any video game Mario is in as an alternate character. He is awesome! Yay! All you have to do is be player two.