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Angry New Yorker Mario

Mario Mario Mario Jr. 
is the most popular video game character of ALL TIME. He first appeared as Jumpman in the Donkey Kong series. He has appeared in over 200 games, from Mario Kart Wii to Super Mario World.

His twin brother is Luigi, who has been in his shadow for forever.


  • Rescued at least 10 princesses damsels in distress (Peach, Daisy, Paulina, and the Spirixie Princesses)
  • Introduced many sports to the Mushroom Kingdom, such as basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, dodgeball, kart racing, and hockey
  • Archrival of Bowser, who he beats 87.5% of the time
  • Somehow manages to snore while reciting the Song of All the Pasta, extremely slowly, and only getting four of the lyrics: spaghetti, ravioli, and mama mia.
    Mario Sleeping in Super Mario 64

    Mario Sleeping in Super Mario 64

  • Has a crazy amount of power-ups all over the Mushroom Kingdom, which he uses to gain superpowers. Who knew a flower would let you shoot infinite projectiles out of your hand? ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL?


Mario's impostors, replacements, and alter egosEdit

Mario has many impostors and alter egos. Here is a full list.

  • Aario
  • Bario
  • Cario
  • Dario
  • Eario
  • Fario
  • Gario
  • Hario
  • Iario
  • Jario
  • Kario
  • Lario
  • Nario
  • Oario
  • Pario
  • Qario
  • Rario
  • Sario
  • Tario
  • Uario
  • Vario
  • Wario
  • Xario
  • Yario
  • Zario
  • Smallio
  • Luigio
  • Oniario
  • Popcornario
  • Chario
  • Coffee Shop Mario
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