Mr. Bollox's Mom Show is a slightly awful show on Epic Random TV starring Mr. Bollox's mom and a bunch of other random TV characters, none of which were Mr. Bollox until the fifteenth episode. The show had 3 seasons from 2002 to 2005, and was later picked up in 2014 after exactly nine years.


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Theme songEdit

Mr. Bollox: Aw man! My mom has a show before me? This is gonna be nooby.

Mr. Bollox's mom: What are you doing here? Get out of my mid-morning light!


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Season 1 (2002-03)Edit

  1. Watching Dora the Explorer (November 1, 2002)
  2. Mr. Bollox's Mom Meets Bowser's Mom (November 8, 2002)
  3. Chef Peepee At the Door (November 15, 2002)
  4. At the Dora Studios (November 22, 2002)
  5. No Visible Hands (November 29, 2002)
  6. Mr. Marlio's Mom (December 6, 2002)
  7. Used Cars Galore (December 13, 2002)
  8. Every Secret, Ever (January 3, 2003)
  9. The Whole Story (January 10, 2003)
  10. Primetime! (January 17, 2003)
  11. At the Movies With... ME! (January 24, 2003)
  12. I Knew What You Did Last Night (January 31, 2003)
  13. I Enter A Beauty Pageant (February 7, 2003)
  14. Stupid Cupid (February 14, 2003) (Valentines' Special)
  15. Best of the Bolloxes (February 21, 2003)
  16. Dora vs. (February 28, 2003)
  17. Dinner at Lindy's (April 11, 2003) (Crossover with Lindy's Restaurants)
  18. Is Space Real? (April 18, 2003)
  19. Visit the Past (April 25, 2003)
  20. The Forbidden Trip (May 9, 2003)

Season 2 (2003-04)Edit

  1. Mr. Bollox Returns (September 19, 2003)
  2. The Warlox (September 26, 2003)
  3. Week of Bad (October 3, 2003)
  4. The Anti-Yo Mama Joke Federation (October 10, 2003)
  5. The Punishment (October 17, 2003)
  6. Get Those Kids Off My Lawn! (October 31, 2003) (Halloween Special)
  7. Mom, the Critic (November 7, 2003)
  8. Life at 3 A.M. (November 14, 2003)
  9. Pick-Up Stuck-Ups (November 21, 2003)
  10. Turkey Dinner (November 26, 2003) (Thanksgiving Special)
  11. Those Spoiled Kids! (December 12, 2003) (Christmas Special)
  12. Mountain Surfing and Beach Climbing (January 16, 2004)
  13. It's Not Your Meal (January 23, 2004)
  14. Traveling Travesty (January 30, 2004)
  15. Factoids of Doom (February 6, 2004) (Crossover with Random Fact Show)
  16. Paranormal Ninjas from Inner Space (March 19, 2004)
  17. Overrated and Underestimated (April 2, 2004)
  18. The College Life (April 9, 2004)
  19. Goggles to the Future (April 16, 2004)
  20. This is Old, and You are Old (April 30, 2004)

Season 3 (2004-05)Edit

  1. Let's Eat at McDonald's (September 3, 2004)
  2. Knock On That Wood (September 10, 2004)
  3. Not Home (September 17, 2004)
  4. Quarter 3 Projections (September 24, 2004)
  5. The Sick Obsession That Needs to be Pulled Away (October 1, 2004)
  6. Back to School Shopping (October 8, 2004)
  7. The Truth about This (October 15, 2004)
  8. Too Much Fall (October 22, 2004)
  9. Forced Fun (November 12, 2004)
  10. Mind the Gap (November 19, 2004)
  11. White Friday (November 26, 2004) (Black Friday Special)
  12. A Very Mall Christmas (December 17, 2004) (Christmas Special)
  13. Pulp Fiction by Candlelight (January 7, 2005)
  14. Sad Birthday (January 14, 2005)
  15. What a Breeze! (January 28, 2005)
  16. Do What I Want (February 25, 2005)
  17. Citizen Kanye (March 11, 2005)
  18. How Dare You (March 25, 2005)
  19. Dora Visits (April 15, 2005)
  20. That Sad Moment (May 20, 2005)

Season 4 (2014-present)Edit

  1. I'm Back! 9 Years Later (May 20, 2014)
  2. Mr. Bollox Takes Over (May 27, 2014)
  3. My New Cat (June 3, 2014)
  4. KILL THE CAT (June 10, 2014)
  5. Get to the Bathroom (June 17, 2014)
  6. I Wanna Go To Jail (June 17, 2014)
  7. How To Be Plain and Boring (June 18, 2014)
  8. Sitting And Thinking
  9. To Find a Thing
  10. Joining the Kids
  11. What's First?
  12. Wonka Invited Me!
  13. Randomness Is Not My Thing
  14. Poking People
  15. I Don't Give A French Toast
  16. Cooking with ME!
  17. Day At The Salon


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