Be random! It's so much FUN!

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Fun fact: Drawer spelled backwards is reward. Also, whelpklipo oiufa iuvew auwe xzcu qwertyugjikle1ywq mehuitiounaryuo. Run on sentences are annoying because they never end and just keep going and going and they cram all the info into one sentence and barely let you stop for breath and they're annoying and redundant and annoying and random and Lemony Snicket and they are hard to follow and I bet by now you don't even remember what the fourth word of this sentence was and please don't go back and check because that would be cheating and I am getting bored of saying all this but someone else can extend this sentence if they want to because if they don't that would make me angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry and speaking of Marvel have you seen the Lord of the Rings I wanna cheeseburger it's wired wait a minute that's my eggnog and I will now remove all spaces from the end of the sentence on. Thankyouforreadingthispolicyandrememberrandomisfunnottrandomissonotveryfunsotrytogetrandomwhenyoucreateapage.