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Junior's Twisty PuzzleJunior passed! YAAAAAY!Jupiter
Jurassic ParkJust Add WaterJust Because
Just Click the Back Button wherever that isJust Give Me a Reason translated from English to Spanish, back to English, to French, back to English, to Polish, and back to English againJust a Myth
Just an average story about an NBA playoff game seven fourth quarter being watched by some New Yorkers.Just click on a red link to make a SUPAH COOLIO PAGE!Just look at this world map
Just stop the Ice Bucket Challenge already,Just what can commas do?Justin Beiber
Justin Beiber from the bad perspectiveJustin BieberJustin Bieber (Hater's Page)
KarateKathrynKathryn and Norm
Keep running, Mr. SomeoneKenny the Shark
KetchupKetchup AmbushKetchup Hose
Ketchup PoliceKetchup RainKetchup Squirt
KevinKevin, you're fired.
Kid getting eaten by a camelKids these days. Man.Kids will be kids. And funny
Kill.Kill. Miley. Cyrus. Now.Kill Me!
Kill The Disney Junior Characters!Killing Mickey MouseKilling the Octonauts with the Power of Spaghetti!
KindleKing Ka-ThunkKing Roland
King of PopKirbyKitchen Wars
KneeKnucklesKool Aid
Koopa's PetKoopa TroopaKoopalings
LIZARD IN MY FRIES!LOL, I Just Pooped on You... What?LOL, I just yawned
LOL, Socks SeyboldLOL, Someone Stole My House, AGAIN!!!LOL, Who Stole My House?
LOL are you annoyed with this rednessLOOK! IT'S THE WIKI PAGE.LOOK, A FISH!
Lady Backup Singer 1Lady Backup Singer 2Lakitu
LalalalaLalaloopsyLalaloopsy: Sew Cute Adventures
Lamest Things EverLandonLanguage Quiz
Language quiz 2Large pageLarry Koopa
Larry Mullen Jr.LasaPartyLasagna
Last Thing's LastLast TuesdayLast Wednesday
Last words?Late for WorkLaugh fest coming up
Laughing LuigiLaughing for no reasonLaunching in a Cannon
Laundry DayLawyer BadmanLawyer Goodman
Lays Chicken and Waffles Potato ChipsLazyLazy Badman
Lazy GoodmanLe 9gog and 4chon armis have token this wiki overLeafwich
Leap Day Wasn't ThereLeap yearLeft
Left ParenthesisLegLeg godt
Lego ChannelLego my Eggo. LiterallyLemming
LemonLemony SnicketLeninade
Leo is a burpfishLeo is a fishLeo is random
Let's Be RobbersLet's Eat at McDonald'sLet's Fight!
Let's Go To McDonald's!Let's Make a Parody of The FoxLet's Play Baseball!
Let's Play BasketballLet's Play Football!Let's Play Hockey!
Let's Play With Mario and FriendsLet's Steal a PianoLet's Take Them Down!
Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 1)Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 2)Let's Take the Black House Down! (Part 3)
Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 1)Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 2)Let's Take the Black House Down Again! (Part 3)
Let's Take the Pizza and Run!Let's Talk Trash!Let's celebrate Hmong being gone from the Mario Show
Let's cook Spaghetti!Let's create lots of pages!Let's eat him
Let's eat the wallLet's go Camping
Let's learn some new words!Let's play Bieberball!Let's play Monecraft!
Let's rename this pageLet's see how long the title of this page can be. I give ipLet's type gibberish and find words inside it.
Let's type with our toes.Let's use the power of teamwork!Let It Go in Japanese
Lets make pagesLettuceLettuce is a drug
Librarian BadmanLibrarian GoodmanLick Lick Lick
Lick My ChocolateLicking your iPad's keyboardLife At Oxnard
Life hackLife in 2032
Life in Las VegasLife of a McDonald's EmployeeLife of the Farty
Like What?Lindy's RestaurantsLink title
LippiesList of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Characters
List of Draw Something Random episodesList of Everybody Loves Mario episodesList of Exploding Stuff episodes
List of Jake and the Never Land Pirates episodesList of Luke and Logan episodesList of Mario games
List of MattphrasesList of Mr. Bollox's Mom Show episodesList of Nerds! episodes
List of New App Show episodesList of Sofia the First episodesList of The Bowser Show episodes
List of The Mario Show episodesList of The Random Ricky Random Show episodesList of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! episodes
List of Weegario episodesList of all YouTube videosList of awesome YouTube channels
List of fake Mario gamesList of random wordsLithium
Lithium In My Water... Wait... LITHIUM?Little League LuigiLittle Pony Characters
Little Pony Unicorn ShowLiv and Maddie
Living House StuffLiving On The MoonLlalsaslaslalslaslalsalssalsa
Lloyd Does EverythingLoaf a YearLobster bisque
Locked In the Freezer AgainLocked in the Bathroom for 10 YearsLocked in the Bathroom for 12 Minutes
Locked in the Bathroom for 17 YearsLocked in the Bathroom for 19 YearsLocked in the Bathroom for 2 Minutes
Locked in the Bathroom for 39 YearsLocked in the Bathroom for 49 HoursLocked in the Bathroom for 8798419238741 Seconds
LockerLocksmith BadmanLocksmith Goodman
Logan Comes to VisitLogan Moves Next DoorLogan Thirtyacre
Logical NumberwangLogosLol fish
Lololololololl Pie TraynorLong John SilversLong coffee, anyone?
Long live the genius who lives eight miles away from your fifth best friend's houseLong long pageLong page of links
Long palindromeLong planking lineLong words scare me.
Longest screamLongest song everLook! A Jackal!
Look at Me!Look at all those winners!Look at these maps, Americans, these are British stereotypes of us
Look at this chest shave.Looks Like It's Finally DONELooks like the Atlanta Braves should have installed that waffle house a long time ago.
Lotsa 9,000'sLotsa Spaghetti! Sandwiches
Loud colorsLove Love Love LoveLove pizza? Okay.
Lovell and Lance Join LoganLow expectations for birthdays, allergy to feathers, a bear skeleton, and the flop! Backwards.Lowest amount of money won on Jeopardy! For a champion! One dollar! Can you believe it? One dollar for a champion!
Lu HaoLubbaLubrication TO THE MAX
Lucario!Ludwig von KoopaLuiga
Luiga is Coming!LuigiLuigi's Asian Food Test
Luigi's BathroomLuigi's CandyLuigi's Date... With Peach
Luigi's Guide to EatingLuigi's Guide to ShoppingLuigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion: Dark MoonLuigi's New CubeLuigi's Other Untitled Episode
Luigi's Random AdventureLuigi's Shapeshifting BowserCubeLuigi's Smaller Cube
Luigi's TaxiLuigi's TromboneLuigi's Trumpone
Luigi's Untitled EpisodeLuigi's Wishing FrenzyLuigi, Pro Cup Stacker
Luigi, shut the ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffront door.LuigiTubeLuigiTube 2
Luigi And a Floating FrogLuigi Asplodes!Luigi Asplodes Again
Luigi Asplodes Live on Epic Random TV!Luigi Baseball 2014Luigi Baseball 2015
Luigi Breaks the ComputerLuigi Builds a CityLuigi Buys an MTA Bus
Luigi Drinks SpaghettiLuigi Eats PotsLuigi Eats Wario and Waluigi
Luigi Falls Down a CliffLuigi Falls Off Mount EverestLuigi Falls Off The Roof and Hurts His BIG FAT BUTT
Luigi Gets Daisy BackLuigi Gets FatLuigi Guy
Luigi HighLuigi Hoops 10-on-10Luigi Kart
Luigi Kart: Food TrucksLuigi Likes BreakfastLuigi Looks at Wackishly Awesome Randomness Wiki
Luigi Plays The Sims 2Luigi Presses a Button and a Small Rubber Anvil Falls On HimLuigi Screams
Luigi Teams Up with Mr. MarlioLuigi Tries to Play the TrumpetLuigi Visits Every MLB Stadium
Luigi Wastes His Time Writing ScriptsLuigi WorldLuigi and Chef Peepee Fill Phil's Office with Potatoes
Luigi and GoombaLuigi and Mario's House PartyLuigi and Mario gets fired

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