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Two women blabbing away.

Talking is a form of communication. Okay blah blah blah blah. There is much more to learn about talking than what you just saw. You will learn when to talk and ways to talk.

When to talkEdit

If something occurs to you that you wanna talk about, then talk about it.

Means of talkingEdit

Phone conversationsEdit

If you hear a phone ringing near you, PICK UP! When they ask to talk to somebody, find them and tell them they are here. If it's you that they want to talk to, then stay right there.


Another means of talking is directly doing it, face-to-face. There are many important things to remember, like don't get too rough or else they will walk away.


Texting is a way to talk to someone without seeing or hearing each other. It requires a cell phone.


E-mail is short for electronic mail. It is similar to texting, except it can be done on any device except a TV.So don't try.


Articulation is the pronunciation of words you say. There are some words that are hard to pronounce, and others that can be pronounced many ways.

Hard to pronounceEdit

  • Jewelry
  • Abysimal
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Antarctic
  • Ask
  • Cavalry
  • Clothes
  • Mayonnaise


  • Mobile
  • Mouth
  • R