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Welcome... again! We at the Wackishly Awesome Randomness Wiki encourage pretty much anything you want to say or create a page about. It's a major work in progress, but we have some exciting content coming soon! Feel free to start your own projects, whether it might be a fictional video game franchise, a page about a subject you like that the wiki doesn't have yet, or, if you make 50 edits, join the wiki's admin team, currently headed by myself and Greatlegoman29! Be the next big contributor, and we will not disappoint! If you have a question or found something stupid I wrote back in 2012-2013ish, tell us so we can get the fish rid of it.
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Random stuff of the whenever
Weather of the day: Warm

Number of the day: 17

Shape of the day: Nonagon

Drink of the day: Grape Fanta

Game of the day: Sonic the Hedgehog

Fruit of the day: Apple

Letter of the day: T (Jeez, did I turn this into Sesame Street?)

Ice cream flavor of the day: Strawberry

Sport of the day: Hockey

Puzzle of the day: Jigsaw

Color of the day: Teal

Body part of the day: Clavicle

First name of the day: Robert

Last name of the day: Cozart

Word of the day: Type

Item of clothing of the day: Sweater

Sports term of the day: Goal

Food of the day: Raisin

Cubing term of the day: IDK, again

Page of the day: New York Mets

Random video(s) of the whenever
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Did you know
*...that Wikia is broken? I've seen bewerkt door, the homepage being blank for no reason, and that's it.
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Send me all your money.

Or, you could send me the old Rubik's Cubes you have in your attic that you threw up there in fustration hoping it would decompose up there.

Wackishly Awesome Randomness Wiki thingies.
On this wiki, we have these thingies called Wackish News and Wackish How To, and the lately inactive Wackish Reviews. In Wackish News, publish news stories that probably aren't true. In Wackish How To, show people how to do stuff. In Wackish Reviews, tell us why we should all hate stuff.
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And a random fact!
A possum is native to Australia, but opossums are native to North and South America. Yes, there's a difference.
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