Fartudinous Lump of Poo

Wario is an antagonist of the Mario series. He was hated by the Mario Brothers, mainly Mario. His

Wario showing his muscles.

assistant in magic wacky doodle (not really, he is awesome) brother is Waluigi, a man of few words. He is starring in an upcoming show on the Matt11111 Channel, Wario's Brand New Show. He is now friends with everybody.


Wario is a fat, obese, fat, muscular, fat, fat, fat, fat, fat, obese, fat, obese, obese,

What the heck?!!! Wario's taken over Mario's body!!!! NOOOOOO!! On a related note: Watch out for that wart, Johnny.

Manuel Uribe, avocado -man who wears a hat with the letter W on it. He is also very short compared to his tall ballerina brother, Waluigi.


Wario is a greedy loser who will snag treasure when he finds it. He loves money and he went on Wacky Waluigi's Wheel of Misfortune and thought he was going to win OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dollars. He is also a goof.


Wario has a common disease in Americans called Warioism. Warioism is a disease that makes you fat, gives you a pink nose, strengthens your muscles, get perfect teeth, and for some reason you have the urge to wear the same purple and yellow clothes every single day. Even the clothes you already have have those colors.

Strangely though, he can be skinny, he just chooses to be lazy instead. You can be skinny or you can be lazy. You can't have both.

Wrestling careerEdit

Wario became a pro wrestler, but that lasted only 3 hours when he realized how many people showed up to these kinds of things. He chickened out and ran home to his mawmmie.


Wario is also a magician. Not a Magic Ian like Mario. He can actually do all sorts of stuff. He actually shoved a pencil up his nose and telekinetically solved the Rubik's Cube.

He also accomplished the following:

  • Making himself levitate for 24 hours, 28 minutes, and 18.48239748163975136825481763587163 seconds
  • Getting Kirby powers and sucking everything from a potato to Waluigi (who is also a magician, oops) to a dictionary.
  • Made the world disappear from the perspective of people on Mars.


Wario makes music parodies, such as:


Wario's most famous show is The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Wario has been criticized for invading TV channels that many children watch because of his fatness. He sets an example (a bad one) to be lazy and eat a lot.

I pretend to hate him, but in reality he's coolEdit

Really, he's awesome. Wario's cool.