Never try to win a staring contest against Weegee, because he never blinks!

Weegee is the most evil person you will ever encounter when playing video games. Never EVER! try to challenge him to a staring contest, because you know he will win. HE NEVER BLINKS. He also turns people into Weegees by staring at them.


Weegee is evil, and that is all you need to know, isn't it? Well, here is some more. He is ALMOST invincible. He's vincible. Daisy is immune to his stare, unlike everybody else who ever encounters him. In fact, while Daisy was at it, she killed him! He lost one of his 326,634,747,234,184,920,261,952,017,373 lives, and every time they met, he died.

Daizeh and Peetch


  • Weegee is in all fake Mario games.
  • Weegee will defeat you.
  • His brother is Malleo.
  • Weegee knows how to DANCE! A big disturbance in the evil universe.
  • All the Yo Mamas know how to die when Weegee is around. Wow.
  • Malleo and Weegee are evenly matched, so they are the same amount of evil.
  • Weegee makes lots of inators, like Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Luigi is Weegee's original form, just like Mario is Malleo's original form.
  • He made the Nintendo Poo with steak controllers.
  • Weegee loves to destroy guns.
  • Weegee can bring dead people to life.

Weegee's InatorsEdit

  • Crazy-Inator
  • Decapacitate-inator
  • Make-Everything-Evil-Although-They-Will-Never-Reach-The-Level-I-Can-Attain-inator
  • Lose-a-staring-contest-inator.
  • What-the-Heck-Inator
  • Fart-Inator (made by Herp and Derp in reality but given to Weegee)
  • Disguise-Inator



Malleo is Weegee's brother.


Weegee and Malleo never fight each other because they are evenly matched.

Walleo and WaweegeeEdit

Walleo and Waweegee are some of Weegee's enemies, although there is also Bauzer.


Bauzer is Weegee's worst enemy. Bauzer is one of Weegee's only matches. Other than Malleo and Daisy, Bauzer is Weegee's only match.


I already mentioned that Daisy can kill Weegee. By the way, Weegee found a 1000000000000000000000000000000000-up mushroom after Daisy killed him a million times. Now he has 1000000000000000000000002000000000 lives.

Herp and DerpEdit

Weegee often helps Herp and Derp make evil schemes. He will help them make the Nintendo PeeDS in 2049. They also gave him their Fartinator.

Play as him in gamesEdit

Weegee is a playable character in fanon games such as Mario vs. Diddy's Bananas and French Toast Eaters. They are both good games.


  • Weeeeegeeeeeeeeeeee!
  • Spaghetti!
  • You must die!!
  • Hahahaha!


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