Yo mama

Joke about Poor Yo Mama

Yo Mamas are a group of women who all have different extreme qualities. They include:
  • Stupid Yo Mama
  • Fat Yo Mama
  • Old Yo Mama
  • Skinny Yo Mama
  • Short
  • Tall
  • Bald
  • Poor
  • Lazy
  • Small Head
  • And more here

The Yo Mamas have a set of dumb jokes that can be found at the link above.



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What do they do all day?Edit

Stupid Yo Mama alphabetizes her M&Ms then watches the couch by sitting on the TV.

Fat Yo Mama sits next to everyone in the movie theater.

Old Yo Mama spends time on Facebook looking for God.

Lazy Yo Mama sleeps on the couch for 310 hours.

Dirty Yo Mama bathes in the mud, then dries off in the Hudson River.

You decide what the others do!